Vertical NOOKS Board

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The Vertical NOOKS Board – the original + 90°

You asked and we listened. It’s the same as the Original board in every way, except it’s been spun 90° and might just fit your space better! Store and display your things – whether it be sports equipment, books, booze bottles or tools – then you’ll find the NOOKS Board incredibly useful. The board and accessories can be configured in any which way you like, to best suit your needs, and if you change your mind, you can rejig to your heart’s content.

The Vertical NOOKS comes with:

  • 4 Hooks
  • 2 Shelves
  • 2 Shelf Arms
  • 4 Wall Mount Discs
  • Screws & Rawl Plugs

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This board measures W 380mm x H 770mm.
Made of 12mm Birch Ply Wood.
Each Board has 27 NOOKS, all uniform in size and suitable for use with any of the accessories.

Made from the exact same 12mm Birch Ply Wood as the Board.
4 hooks, 2 shelves, 2 shelf arms & 4 wall mount discs
4 x multipurpose screws. Double countersunk , single course thread, slash point 4.5 x 70*
4 x multipurpose rawl plugs. Size - 7mm x42mm. 7mm drill piece compatible*

If you'd like to purchase additional accessories you can find the NOOKS Accessory Packs below.

* Prior to fitting, if you have any queries or uncertainties please consult our Install & FAQs pages.