About Us

NOOKS is a Scottish designer & manufacturer of birch plywood interior solutions, with a minimalist Scandinavian feel.

We produce strong, aesthetically appealing products that allow you to store and display your valued things in an intentional way.

The NOOKS Board is our flagship product – it can be used in countless different ways.

About The Product

Why Birch Plywood?

Our favoured Birch Plywood (Baltic Birch) has been a popular option for highend furniture builds for years. It’s significantly stronger than many other sheet products thanks, in part, to the cross-bonding manufacturing process and the fact that it’s made using ‘long’ veneers which are cut from a full birch tree.

We like it for many functional reasons, but it also has an attractive aesthetic which we take advantage of across our product range.

There are key environmental and sustainability benefits to using Birch over other materials too. The abundance of Birch in Northern Europe and speed of growth of Birch trees means that when cut properly and responsibly there is minimal destruction of biodiversity.

What is it?

Birch Plywood is made from several sheets of birch veneer bonded together. The number of layers depends on the thickness of the material. Our 12mm Natural Birch products will be made up of 9 layers. That’s what gives the ply wood its good looking open edges.

Our Birch ply has an uncoated natural face which is sanded after manufacture. We love them as they are, however they are ready to be painted should you wish! 


Design is at the core of everything we do here at NOOKS. We have combined expertise & research to get these products just right.


We cut, sand, check & package everything here in-house at our HQ in Scotland. We are very proud of the end product and its finish.


How the product arrives with you is very important to us. We have custom designed our boxes to have maximum protection with minimal materials.