NOOKS Board – Hexa Original


The Hexa Original NOOKS Board – the dark side.

Hexa faced and black backed. If you’re looking for something a bit different the Hexa – hard wearing, hexagonal patterned coating – could be for you. This gives the boards a bold look as well as providing extra longevity in the added durability it provides. Perfect for your home, kit cave, garage or wherever you see fit.

We’ve opted to give this board the ‘best of both’ when it comes to accessories. You’ll get one shelf and two tall hooks as well as the standard 4 small hooks. Infinite hanging and displaying options for your board!

The Hexa Original NOOKS Boards comes with:

  • 4 Hexa Hooks
  • 2 Hexa Tall Hooks
  • One shelf + a pair of shelf arms
  • 4 Mount Discs

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In stock


This board measures W 770mm x H 380mm.
Made of 12mm Birch Ply Wood with a hard wearing phenolic coating.
Each Board has 27 NOOKS, all uniform in size and suitable for use with any of the accessories.

Made from the exact same 12mm Birch Ply Wood with phenolic coating.
4 hooks, 2 tall hooks, 1 shelf + 2 shelf arms & 4 mounting discs
4 x multipurpose screws. Double countersunk, single course thread, slash point 4.5 x 70* and rawl plugs.

If you'd like to purchase additional accessories you can find the NOOKS Accessory Packs below.

* Prior to fitting, if you have any queries or uncertainties please consult our Install & FAQs page.